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Many school leavers and graduates today are faced with the challenges of creating their own employment opportunities, rather than relying on other employment.

Anchor Yeast is currently running Baking Courses which promote Home Industries or Commercial Baking and offer a solution to the limited career options facing many young South Africans today. The primary objective of the two types of Anchor Training Courses is to equip any individual, male or female, with a sound baking knowledge.

The Anchor Yeast Bakery Training Centre is located in Industria Johannesburg and comprises of a well-equipped lecture room and a fully equipped small bakery to cater for the practical aspects of the Baking Courses. This allows participants the opportunity of gaining hands-on experience in Commercial or Home Industry Baking, depending on individual interests. The Home Baking courses are offered to all women’s organisations, schools, technikons and home industries, whilst the Commercial Baking Courses are offered to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the Baking.

These courses are run by qualified Home Economists or Specialist Bakers and concentrate on:

  • The basics of baking.
  • Ingredients and their functions.
  • An explanation on yeast and the ease of baking with it.
  • Step-by-step dough preparation.
  • How to overcome baking problems.
  • Use of measuring tables.
  • The fundamentals of Commercial Baking.
  • Practical baking of various types of yeast products – vetkoek, breads, doughnuts, ginger beer, home brew, buns, queens cakes, pot bread and more.


The baking courses are recommended for Home Industries, homemakers, students or commercial bakers. Successful participants will receive a certificate which is currently recognised in the Bakery Industry.

These training courses will provide you with the basic skills required to start up your own Home Baking Industry or Commercial Bakery. However, running your own business takes more than just skill, it requires motivation, creativity, ambition, long hours, difficult decisions and hard work. Remember a business venture will only be a success if you MAKE IT HAPPEN! For additional information and bookings, please contact the Anchor Yeast Training Centre on (011) 248-8364.

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